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Metrowest carries out high quality strata, property management, and real estate trading services to the public in British Columbia with focus in Vancouver and its surrounding cities. Established in 2016, Metrowest Building Services Limited is a Licensee to serve the public in British Columbia under the Real Estate Services Act of BC for strata management, rental property management and real estate trading services, and addresses the increasing demand for professional Strata Management and Property Management services. Before its inception, the principal business partner gained substantial experience across various property and strata management firms. As such, Metrowest’s diverse team is committed to safeguarding client properties through proactive management and innovative problem-solving.

"A strata corporation is a building, or a collection of buildings, where: • the property that each person owns is called a 'strata lot' • all the owners share ownership of and responsibility for the 'common property', such as external walls, foyers, and driveways. • A strata corporation can be in different kinds: apartment, townhouse or duplex or fractional vacation properties. A strata corporation can be residential, or commercial or their mix use"

— summarized from the Strata Property Act

Metrowest’s growth is strategically aligned with its marketing efforts. Metrowest’s unwavering dedication and integrity have earned ongoing praise from homeowners and property managers alike.

As a result, with a solid foundation in property management services, Metrowest enjoys endorsements from satisfied clients who regularly recommend their services. As a Vancouver-based, locally owned, and operated entity, Metrowest cherishes the loyalty of its customers. It looks forward to welcoming more to their progressive and well-established business.

With an adaptive consistent approach, Metrowest is carrying out the profassional business of strata management and property management with focus in Vancouver and its 8 surrounding cities.

Metrowest partners, professionals and support staffs are to ensure our clients’ best interests by upholding peace of mind, honesty, transparency, and integrity.

Metrowest Building Services Ltd provide services to their clients, whether they are large or small strata and they serve their clients with consistent dedication, supreme level of professionalism, and innovative solutions beyond their expectations.

" In property management, the most crucial aspect is to focus on people rather than the building. Our passion lies in assisting clients and connecting with them on any level. We don't take rudeness personally; rather, we use it as a means to better understand our clients. Listening to people, acknowledging their concerns, and showing a commitment to resolving their issues is vital. By doing so, we foster trust, loyalty, and enduring relationships with our clients."

— Metrowest Executive Officer

The annual Metrowest publication showcases 100 of the most innovative solutions from every corner of the the properties that are working to create satisfactory results.

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