Metrowest Carries Out Management of Small Strata with Big Heart

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METROWEST Building Services Small Size Strata Expert

Metrowest Building Services Limited operates as a licensed brokerage, with its Strata Management Division dedicated to the business of strata management. At Metrowest, the strata management company employs a licensed professional who is subsequently appointed as a strata manager for a specific strata corporation.

The strata manager, along with their team, which includes accounting and administrative support staff, facilitates the operation of a strata corporation or section for the strata council. The manager is responsible for handling paperwork, organizing meetings, recording minutes, engaging qualified services, and much more. Metrowest’s Strata Management Division provides a comprehensive range of services that encompass, but are not limited to:

1. Attending strata council meetings.
2. Documenting and distributing minutes of all meetings, including those of the strata council, to owners.
3. Drafting annual budgets and financial statements.
4. Collecting strata fees and other receivables owed to the strata corporation.
5. Disbursing payments for strata corporation bills.
6. Ensuring the strata corporation is adequately insured.
7. Maintaining and granting access to the records of the strata corporation.
8. Generating documents on behalf of the strata corporation such as “Form B: Information Certificates” and “Form F: Certificates of Payment.”
9. Negotiating contracts and coordinating services for the strata corporation, including landscaping, insurance, electrical services, maintenance, etc.
10. Employing and overseeing staff contracted by the strata corporation.
11. Offering emergency contact services.