Small-Size Strata Corporation Expert - Small Size, Big Matter

Small stratas might be ignored by some management compnies. They are reluctant to serve small strata corporations due to the lower profit margins and often release them unless they agree to pay higher management fees. Metrowest Building Services, however, holds a different perspective and focus not solely on profit. Their philosophy is “Small Size, Big Matter”, that said, wherever there is a demand in the market, Metrowest’s services should be available.
Metrowest Building Services Ltd. is to assist these smaller entities by offering a spectrum of management plans. It ranges from basic to complex and offers personalized services. Thus, Metrowest recognizes the significance of quality leadership and cost control in strata property management. As such, Metrowest equips itself to manage properties of any size while providing personal customer service.
Metrowest works in partnership with its clients and provides tailored management solutions that ensure expert property maintenance, resident care, and council member peace of mind. To address the unique needs of smaller strata corporations, Metrowest Building Services has launched the “Accounting Management Plus” program.

Small-Sized Accounting Management Plus

Small-Sized Strata Corporation Solution – Accounting Management Plus of Metrowest Building Services includes the following:
* Collecting maintenance fees and assessments plus any other money due to the Strata Corporation;
* Depositing all receipts collected to the Strata Corporations interest bearing trust accounts;
* Paying all invoices and expenses on behalf of the Strata Corporation;
* Render monthly financial statements on behalf of the Strata Corporation;
* At the Strata Council’s direction, file any tax returns and work safe reports, if required, at the Strata Corporations cost;
* Assist the Strata Council in compiling a proposed budget for presentation to the owners at the Strata Corporations Annual General Meeting;
* Arrange for a Metrowest Strata Agent to attend the Annual General meeting to facilitate and advise Council with the meeting agenda;
* Provide 24/7 emergency dispatch service through Metrowest Building Services Ltd;
* At as the records office for the Strata Corporation and file a Form D (Strata Corporation change of address) in the Land Titles office;
* Provide all forms and documents, as per the Strata Property Act and the Agency Agreement;
* Through an assigned manager render all other functions required by the Strata Corporation as directed by the Strata Council that shall be charged to the Corporation at an hourly fee plus taxes or as per the Schedules in the Agency Agreement;