Yes, this might be a human right issue. Once a complaint is received, a strata corporation may have no option, but to satisfy such needs. There are many examples of access or accommodation for special needs that have been ordered by the Human Rights Tribunal and there was no exception.

Conversion of door handles to levers, installation of FOB-activated door entries, modifications for access to common areas and main entries of buildings, and continuous operation of the remote-door-activation system are all examples of alterations strata corporations have been ordered to permit or pay for to ensure access.

Whether an owner or occupant know about the limitations before they moved in, or their physical conditions have changed, is irrelevant.

The most prudent and inexpensive course of action is for a strata corporation to make the changes before an owner or tenant files a complaint.

Here is the link to the full comments from Tony Gioventu:

Condo Smarts: Don’t wait for a complaint to improve access to your condo building | Times ColonistPost not marked as liked

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