Metrowest Strata Management Division: Strata Management Full Services

Full-service strata management is highly sought after in British Columbia. Indeed, Metrowest Building Services Limited provides such services. As a licensed brokerage, Metrowest specializes in comprehensive strata property management. The company employs licensed professionals who serve as strata managers or agents for various strata corporations, supported by a team of accounting and administrative staff. Strata managers follow the directives of the strata council and manage the daily operations of the strata corporation. Their duties encompass handling paperwork, coordinating meetings, documenting minutes, and procuring qualified services, among other responsibilities. Metrowest’s Strata Management Division offers a broad range of services, which include but are not limited to:

  1. Prepare and attend strata council meetings.
  2. Record, draft, and circulate minutes from all meetings, including those of the strata council, to owners.
  3. Create annual budgets and financial statements.
  4. Collect strata fees and other amounts owed to the strata corporation.
  5. Process payments for the strata corporation’s expenses.
  6. Ensure the strata corporation has adequate insurance coverage.
  7. Maintain the strata corporation’s records and provide access to them.
  8. Generate documents for the strata corporation, such as Form B – Information Certificates and Form F – Certificates of Payment.
  9. Negotiate contracts and oversee services for the strata corporation, including landscaping, insurance, electrical services, maintenance, etc.
  10. Employ and manage the strata corporation’s contracted personnel.
  11. Perform 7/24 emergency contact services.
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