A Strata Property Manager and Rental Property Manager both assist with overseeing and managing real estate properties. Although they may appear to be very similar, they differ in a variety of ways. Whether you are a homeowner, renter, property investor, or Strata Corporation, it is key to understand the difference between the two roles.

A Strata Manager works on behalf of all apartment owners, focusing on issues related to common property, whereas a Rental Manager, often referred to as a Property Manager, works on behalf of an individual apartment owner, dealing with issues related to private property.

Strata Manager

A Strata Manager is hired by a Strata Corporation to oversee the common property of a strata building on behalf of the homeowners. Their role is often split into three categories: administration, finance, and building maintenance.

Strata Manager Duties Include:

  • Coordinate and schedule trades for general building maintenance, renovations, and emergency repairs
  • Correspond with homeowners and renters, and assist with providing information, answering requests, and handling complaints
  • Collect strata fees and special levies
  • Organize, notify, conduct, and record Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and Special General Meetings (SGMs)
  • Manage financials (Contingency Reserve Fund (CRF), settling invoices, budgeting, etc.)
  • Prepare, file, and maintain documents for Strata Corporation
  • Assist with insurance renewals and claims
  • Provide expert guidance and advice to Strata Corporation

Rental Property Manager

A Rental Manager is hired by a landlord or property investor to oversee a single property, or in some instances, more than one property or a building owned by an individual or company. They act as a middleman between a landlord and tenant, ensuring a smooth rental process.

Rental Manager Duties Include:

  • Place and retain qualified and quality tenants
  • Advertise and show the property to prospective tenants
  • Coordinate and schedule trades for general maintenance, renovations, and emergency repairs
  • Coordinate and conduct inspections
  • Correspond with tenants and assist with providing information, answering questions, and handling complaints and violations
  • Manage financials (budgeting, settling property bills and fees, and collecting rent, etc.)
  • Prepare, file, and maintain lease documents

A Long History of Quality Service in Property Management

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