Why Rent from a property management company?

As a tenant, it is beneficial for you to rent from a professional, licensed Property Manager. In addition to excellent customer service, a Metrowest Property Manager has sound knowledge of the Residential Tenancy Act and will ensure that all steps relating to a tenancy are taken in accordance with the Act. Metrowest has a 24 hour emergency line that handles any urgent calls that come in and a list of licensed and insured trades to assist with a full range of repairs with a quick response time. Metrowst has a designated team with years of experience working to ensure the highest level of service is provided for our new tenants. You will not be disappointed in choosing Metorwest leasing. Quality service is our number one priority.

Why hire or deal with a property manager?

Hiring a property manager is a personal decision. Here are several items to consider to help you, the owner determine if you should hire a professional to manage his/her investment: The location of your property compared to your primary residence; Consider how many units you own; Look at your experience before hiring a property manager; Can you afford to hire a property manager; Do you have the time to manage your property; Are you willing to give up control; Are you willing to take on the liability of a property manager; Do you have a high vacancy rate or problems with your cash flow?